Still Dark

Bowls & Noodles was dark again today. A coworker told me it’s been dark for longer than these two days. She, too, is a fan of chicken dumpling soup. She, too, is holding onto the hope that it’s a temporary closure. There’s no sign giving us any information. It’s as if the ladies simply stopped coming to work.

I hope nothing bad has happened.

It was raining early this morning, but it had stopped by the time I left for work. I remembered to take the right coat with me, but forgot to grab a hat. I considered turning back to get my hat, but continued on to the bus stop.

It was raining a little when I went to Bowls & Noodles.

I checked the car2go map before I left work. Of course, there were no cars within Downtown, or even on First Hill.

It had stopped raining when I left work. I didn’t need my hat.

There was a guy at the bus stop who looked just like the 1960s Bob Dylan – except he had a red Afro. But he had the shades, the leather jacket, jeans – and the guitar case. Another guy called out, as he was boarding a bus, “You look just like Bob Dylan.” Well, I thought, it’s true, but why did that guy point it out? Bob Dylan didn’t react. I thought: I’m sure he’s heard it before. Maybe that’s the look he was going for. Maybe he’s in a tribute band. The guy boarding the bus kept staring at Bob, obviously expecting a reaction. Was his comment meant as an insult, or as a compliment? I’ll never know.

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