Last night, before I went to bed, I decided that, since we had no firm plans for today, I’d indulge myself in some extra sleep this morning.

The alarm went off this morning. I shut it off and went back to sleep.

I’m not sure when I woke up. I got up, got my eBook, and went back to bed. I fell asleep before I got any reading done.

I had dreams about movies – not movies I’d seen, but movies that existed only in my dreams. I don’t remember what they were about.

I woke up. Phillip was in the living room. It was 2:30 in the afternoon. I guess I needed some sleep.

Soon after I got up, Phillip suggested we use his Google coupon for Captain Black’s. I agreed and got ready. We walked there.

We crossed Olive Way and then, rather than taking the shortcut through the Goodwill parking lot, I suggested we go look at the outside of Blue Stone – the new Korean restaurant that took over the space vacated by Chopsticks. From the outside, the place looks like more of a Seahawks merchandise shop than a Korean restaurant. (The name and the typeface on the sign have a lot to do with that perception.) The menu looked good, and we agreed that we should try it someday.

We got to Captain Black’s, but it was closed. Captain Black’s is a primarily a bar – a bar with a kitchen  – so it wasn’t much of a surprise that it was closed at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. We discussed where we should have lunch instead. We’d narrowed it down to either Charlie’s or Blue Moon, until Phillip remembered Blue Stone. So that’s where we went.

Blue Stone was excellent. We both had a spicy pork dish that was served in a hot iron dish. Phillip got his extra spicy with broccoli added. I wanted to try it “basic” this first time, and experiment later. I think we’re going back in the future.

On the way back home, Phillip treated me to a latte at Analog Coffee. The woman at the register noticed Phillip’s “doggie bag” and asked where we’d eaten. When we told her, she’d said she’d been wondering what Blue Stone was. She was guessing it was either a Seahawks merchandise shop or a knock-off Seahawks merchandise shop.

Phillip and I didn’t do much of anything for the remainder of the day.

We started season 3 of Farscape tonight.

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