Pretend Action Downtown

We had another role-playing day in Everett today. Kathi wasn’t feeling well, so didn’t join us. Ben entered the game. Sam, Colin, Daniel, Phillip, and I assumed our regular roles. Brian, of course, was the game master.

There are other people interested in joining us in the future. Brian and Kathi’s living room may soon become crowded.

Ben is being secretive about his new character.

Today’s story started with the former drifter (me) getting off work as an Underground Seattle tour guide and stopping by to pick up the former sex slave (Phillip) and the hacker (Kathi) from magic school. The problem is, no one knows where the hacker is. They check with the school officials and learn that the hacker’s class never returned from a field trip to the federal courthouse on Stewart Street.

The former drifter and the former sex slave drive to the courthouse, but don’t get there. The area has been blocked off by the police. There’s a sniper who’s shooting a people on the street, including a group of students on a field trip. One student has been taken to Harborview Medical Center.

The former sex slave begs the former drifter to take them away from the danger. So, they go to 7-11 for ice cream.

While eating ice cream, they find themselves briefly transported back to the Old West. My character is a miner, and a minor, who can run very fast. When they return to the present, the two have become separated. The former sex slave, who is going through some emotional hormonal changes, thinks the former hacker has abandoned him at the 7-11.

Meanwhile, across town, there’s an estate sale going on. The investment banker (Sam) is there because embezzlement charges in the past have forced him to pursue  a career as an estate adviser. The antique book dealer (Colin) is there because there are rare books in the estate. The detective (Daniel) is there because there may be evidence tied to a crime in the estate.

The detective learns that there is a sniper situation at the federal courthouse and leaves the estate sale to help out.

The book dealer also goes to the courthouse, hoping to use his magic powers to stop the sniper.

At the courthouse, the detective is enlisted to talk the sniper into surrendering. While sending a drone up to give the sniper a phone, the police learn that the sniper has a bomb strapped to his chest.

The former sex slave and the book dealer have simultaneously reached the hacker by cell phone. The former sex slave just wants to know that the hacker is all right. The book dealer wants the hacker’s help in breaking into the building, so he can be the hero. When the hacker grants the book dealer’s request, the former sex slave becomes very angry that the hacker is taking part in such a foolhardy venture. The former sex slave takes a bus home to SoDo, but gets on the wrong bus and ends up lost on top of Queen Anne Hill.

The book dealer enters the building and proceeds up the stairs to the floor the sniper is on. A mystery person (Ben), who was working as a field trip guide,  follows the book dealer into the building to help out. The detective is upset that there are civilians going into this dangerous situation.

The former drifter, thinking the former sex slave has gone home, is trying to find a parking spot near the courthouse.

The book dealer tries to scare the sniper into surrendering, and fails miserably. Before he has a chance to cast an energy containment spell, the sniper pushes the button on the bomb – which fails to detonate.

The sniper and the book dealer are both arrested. The mystery field trip guide escapes. The hacker has disappeared.

The former drifter finally finds a parking spot, having missed all the action. He contacts the former sex slave and learns he’s lost on Queen Anne Hill. After the former sex slave tells him there are three Starbucks nearby, the former drifter knows exactly where on Queen Anne Hill the former sex slave is. The former drifter takes the former sex slave home to SoDo.

We all regroup at the building we share in SoDo – all except the book dealer, who’s spending a night in jail, and the hacker, whose whereabouts are still unknown. They discover that the mystery field trip guide also lives in our building.

The former sex slave has locked himself in his room and is refusing to come out. He’s mad at us all. His hormones are out of control.

We all find ourselves in 1932, in a Seattle coffee house, where Louis Armstrong is performing. My character is a girl reporter with a taste for the grisly stories, but, being a girl reporter, is assigned to society stories.

When we return to the present, the book dealer, having been released from jail, wants to organize us into a “secret cabal” to fight the syndicate he believes is behind the curse that ties us all to the past. The former sex slave is starting to forgive us, and the detective is having second thoughts about being tied in with this motley bunch.

It was a productive gaming day.

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