About Last Night’s Post

I was very tired when we got home from Everett last night, but I wanted to write a blog post while the details were fresh in my mind. I pushed my way through it.

I was a little afraid of what that post would look like when I re-read it this morning. There were a zillion typos, but it wasn’t so bad. At least it didn’t make me sound drunk, I thought. I was a little troubled by the shift in viewpoint midway through the recap, though. It starts off with things like “They check with the school officials…” and then shifts to “We all find ourselves in 1932…” It just bugged me, that’s all. But, I never go back and edit posts, except for typos or major errors.

Today, Brian mentioned that he’s using my “notes” (meaning last night’s post) to make sure we remembered where we left off for the next session. That made me feel good that this blog serves some purpose. I told him that I wished I’d remembered to include the 747, formerly a giant robot, being used by a Washington State senator. (It is an interesting game.)

Meanwhile, Bowls & Noodles continues to be closed. There were lights in the kitchen – that could mean a lot of things. I asked the woman at JJ’s Gourmet Burger if she knew anything about it. (Thanks for the suggestion, Valarie!) She didn’t.

This afternoon, I had a thought that, on my commute home, I should skip the 43 stop at Summit and exit at the next stop, at Broadway, just for a change of commute. It’s a longer walk home, but I’d get to see things I don’t usually see. Not long after I had that thought, Phillip emailed me and asked me to pick up a hold at the library. I was, of course, glad to do that. I caught a 43 home, skipped the stop at Summit, and exited at Broadway – because it’s a shorter walk to the library. It’s funny how that worked out.

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