A Dull Ride Home

I was actually hoping for a little more action this evening – some May Day demonstrations (but not riots) to jam things up. I was looking at it like a Seattle snow day – the kind where most people stay home, those who do come in are in a state of worry, and a lot of people go home early. Then the commute home takes forever, maybe I’ll have to create a new way to get home – but we all will get home. we all will survive, and it will become just a memory. I really do enjoy an occasional Seattle snow day. It shakes things up, and reminds us what’s important and what’s not.

I write this will full awareness that I’m privileged. My commute home is a mere two miles, in an urban center with plenty of transit options. Those who have it not so easy should stay home, or at least leave work early, if they can.

I checked the SDOT traffic cameras before I left my desk: No large crowds of people, no traffic jams. In fact, there appeared to be hardly any traffic at all.

The bus stops were not crowded, and neither were the buses. I caught a quarter-full 43 home.

After a fast ride out of Downtown, we came to a stop just past the Convention Center. A large march was proceeding down Boren Avenue and turning onto Pine Street, heading for Downtown. I retrieved a book and started reading.

The march passed, and we proceeded up the hill. Traffic into Downtown was, of course, at a standstill. The intersection of Bellevue and Olive was a solid mass of vehicles. Our bus made it through, however.

There were police vehicles parked everywhere. Armed guards stood outside of every bank. The Starbucks Reserve Roastery was completely covered in plywood.

I’ve been hearing helicopters outside ever since I got home.

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