Last Year’s Mochas

Today, holley4734 liked a blog post (on this blog) from March of last year. I, of course, had to go read it. What was I doing last year? Well, Phillip and I had a couple of mochas on the last day the Cintli store on Broadway was open. (I miss Cintli a lot. That was a fun place, with great food. Tea Republik is there now, but the outside still reminds me of Cintli.) Also in that post, I started reading The Martian, by Andy Weir. (That was a great book, by the way.)

That blog post from last year also contains one sentence so awful that it makes me cringe. (I’m not going to link to it.) I have a rule, though, that I never go back and edit a post, except for spelling errors. Phillip usually points out typos to me, unless the post is more than a few hours old – that’s one of his rules. So, I guess I’m going to have to live with that awful, year-old sentence. These posts are pretty much raw writing.

It was a beautiful day in Seattle today. I left my jacket at home, on purpose. I kept getting distracted on my way in to work – it was almost tempting to take the day off – a lot of my coworkers did, for whatever reason. (Do people travel for Mother’s day?)

I was strongly in the mood for a car2go trip home today. I thought it would be fun to drive home with the windows rolled down. I logged in a half-hour before my day ended, and kept the map open. There were, of course, no cars around. I rode a 43 home.

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