Burgers To Go

Phillip called in sick this morning, and I caught a strangely near-empty 43 to Westlake. We got there early, and I just missed the Link train I usually never even see. That was good, because if I had caught that train, I’d been way too early for work, even by my standard. I waited for my usual train.

Toward the end of the day, Phillip sent me a text message asking me to stop by Blue Moon Burgers to get him a Blue Bayou, extra pickles, no lettuce. (I can always tell when Phillip has a migraine headache. I have to read his text messages out loud, pronouncing each word phonetically, to make sense of them.) I got myself a Blue Shroom, substituting a black bean patty. (Just because meatless burgers are half off every Monday.) I got us both an order of sweet potato fries to share.

Today was the first time I’ve ordered burgers to go from Blue Moon Burgers.

Phillip and I started season four of Farscape this past weekend. Because there are five disc cases in the boxed set Brian loaned us, we’d both been under the impression that we still had a fifth season to watch. While I was looking for information about one of the actors, I discovered that Farscape lasted only four seasons. (The fifth disc case is extra features.)

We are on the final season of Farscape, and we are both saddened by the news. I love, absolutely love, this series.

Among the many, many topics Don and I discussed yesterday was books. I talked about the “Land of Oz” books. Don told me about his favorite author: Rafael Sabatini. Specifically, he told me all about Scaramouche¹ and Captain Blood. Both books are in public domain, he told me, and both are available at Project Gutenberg.

(Scaramouche, or more specifically the movie based on it, was what prompted Don to take up fencing. “Be careful what you read,” Don told me.)

I made a visit to Project Gutenberg this evening, and my backlog of unread books has increased by two. (Thanks, Don.)

¹I can neither hear nor speak the name “Scaramouche” without hearing “Bohemian Rhapsody”, by Queen, in my head.

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