Same Thought

Last night, while Phillip was sleeping off his migraine, I fell into a YouTube hole (you know, the kind where one video leads to you another video to another, and on and on). I ended up in Iceland, watching every Björk and every Sugarcubes video I could find. I found a video of The Sugarcubes performing live on Dutch TV. (Isn’t the internet amazing?) I’d never seen that video before.

As I watched The Sugarcubes on Dutch TV, last night, I wondered what year it took place in. I hovered the mouse over the video title. At the very moment “1988” appeared, there was a shot of the drummer, dressed in very New Wave fashion. (“Yes,” I thought, “That’s 1988, all right.”)

This afternoon, at work, I decided to listen to that Dutch TV performance again. (It was great.) I began to wonder what year it was filmed in – I’d forgotten. I looked over that the YouTube video. At the very moment I saw “1988”, I also saw a shot of the drummer, dressed in very New Wave fashion. I remembered this happening before.

On my way home today, there was a guy from Metro Transit at the bus stop, handing out information about proposed changes to the bus system once Link Light Rail is extended to the University of Washington next year. That bummed me out, because I know it’s not going to be good. Metro is still under the misconception that if light rail goes somewhere, buses aren’t needed. Bus service on Capitol Hill is going to be gutted, and that sucks.

As I was walking home from the 43 this evening, I snapped a photo, for my other blog, of the new condo building in our neighborhood. It’s named The Local, and I rather like the design of the building. I got home and transferred the photo to the laptop. I discovered that I already had a photo in my Documents file named “The Local.” Had I already photographed this new building?

I looked at the photo I already had. It’s of a different building named The Local. I did an internet search, a search on “Amazing and Ordinary”, and a search on my previous other blog, “Adrift On The Shore”. I discovered there are two buildings in my neighborhood named “The Local”. What’s even stranger is that they are exactly one block apart. One is on the 400 block of Bellevue Avenue, on the east side of the street. (It’s listed on Google Maps as “The Local 418”.) It opened last October. The other “The Local” is on the 400 block of Summit Avenue, one street east, on the east side of the street. It opened this past week or so.

Both of “The Local”s probably have the same address number, judging by the map.

Both of “The Local”s have identical “Live Local” banners displayed – or maybe it’s the same banner moved from one “The Local” to the other “The Local”.

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