Ribs and Kimchee

It’s been a busy weekend. It could have been even busier.

Phillip and I had planned on going to the University District Street Fair, Saturday morning. I was looking forward to it. But with Phillip’s recent migraine headaches, even though he was feeling better, I strongly advised against it. I don’t know what a migraine is like, personally, but I’ve seen its effects second-hand. I suspected that with the light and the sound and the crowds, and a party to go to that night, it would be too much. Phillip, it seemed, agreed with my suspicion.

So, we stayed home for most of Saturday.

Saturday evening, on our way to Sam’s birthday party, Phillip and I stopped into a new barbecue place on 45th, in Wallingford – Pinky’s Kitchen – and bought three pounds of ribs to bring to the party. While our ribs were being prepared, we chatted with the owner (co-owner? employee?), a guy named Kwa. (I don’t know if I’m spelling his name right.) We were the only two customers at the moment. Kwa told us about the business, its philosophy, and the products it offers. Then he gave us a tour of the smoker. Then, as our order was being boxed up, and another customer arrived, Kwa gave us  a bottle of Pineapple Habanero hot sauce, “on the house”.

We’ll go back to Pinky’s Kitchen.

After leaving Pinky’s Kitchen, on the way to Sam and Colin’s place, we stopped into a 7-11 for drinks to bring the party. As we got back into the car, the side of the car, and most of Phillip, got “bombed” by a passing seagull. We got Phillip cleaned up, but his coat and the car will have to be washed.

We got to Sam and Colin’s place, Phillip opened the bag containing three boxes of ribs and discovered that one of the boxes had come open, and the bag was full of barbecue sauce. “This is not my day,” remarked Phillip. The ribs survived, however, and were delicious.

Colin and Sam threw an enjoyable party Saturday night, with lots of food (besides the ribs) and lots of fun people in their small apartment. We played Cards Against Humanity until 10 o’clock at night.

As we left the party, Phillip said to our hosts, “We’ll see you in about twelve hours.”

Phillip and I got up early this morning and drove to QFC, looking for some kimchee to bring to gaming day. We looked in all three area we guessed we’d find kimchee – if QFC had any. We asked at the service desk, and while the employee was taking a look at the inventory, a customer walked us over to where he remembered seeing kimchee. It was one of the three places we’d looked before, but QFC was obviously out of kimchee.

We knew we’d be able to find kimchee at Uwajimaya, but we didn’t want to pay for parking, just for a jar of kimchee.

As we walked back to our car, I suddenly remembered that the corner store a block away from our apartment sells kimchee. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t open for another twenty minutes. So, we left for Lake City without kimchee.

We got to Sam and Colin’s apartment at 10 o’clock in the morning. Then the four of us walked over to the Lake City Community Center for a gem show.

After the gem show, the four of us planned to continue to Everett together for gaming day. Colin, however, was suffering from a headache, so he and Sam went home while Phillip and I left for Everett. We picked up Ben along the way.

We’d never been to Ben’s place before. He lives in an area of Everett I was unfamiliar with. I’d looked it up on Google Maps, of course. It appeared that we’d be able to take a bus- and carpool-only exit into the South Everett Park & Ride and then exit onto 112th, and be very close to Ben’s place. But the map was vague about whether that would work or not. It seemed worth a try, though.

Phillip was driving, and I called Ben to let him know we’d left Lake City, and we were on our way.

Ben told me there’s a secret way to his place that we won’t find on any map.

I told him we were going to try going through the Park & Rise.

That’s the way, said Ben.

Kathi hasn’t been feeling well (there seems to be a lot of that going around) and wasn’t able to join in the role-playing. She was upset that she’d miss the game twice in a row, so Brian set up a one-episode, self-contained Star Trek game, rather than our ongoing Mage game. Daniel was there, too. We were all disappointed that Kathi, Colin, and Sam couldn’t join us, but we still had a lot of fun.

Overall, it’s been a good weekend.

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