What Was Up With The 25 Today?

Phillip and I rode to the U District together on the 49 this morning.

I finished in the U District 18 minutes before a 25 was due, so I waited for it. We got to the Montlake Bridge just as it started opening, so we had to wait a while. Then we were on our way.

It seemed unusually busy for the 25 this morning.There were a lot of people boarding, and few people exiting. As was typical for the 25, people were waiting at bus stops alone or with one other stranger. I never see people boarding the 25 in large groups.

.I did a head count when we stopped at Boylston & Lakeview. There were 16 of us riding the 25. If we were in a mini-bus, we’d be packed.

I wonder what was going on with route 25 this morning.

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