An Ending Unfinished

Yesterday, Phillip and I sort of decided that we’d brave the line today for a free burger at Li’l Woody’s. But we weren’t completely decided. If the line was too long, we’d leave. If either one of us got tired of standing in line, we’d leave. If it started raining, we’d leave. If either one of us just wasn’t into it, we’d stay home and not even attempt the line.

During laundry this morning, I could barely keep my eyes open. The heat kept me from sleeping well last night. All I wanted was a nap. So, I vetoed Li’l Woody’s.

We came home, put our clothes away, and I took a nap while Phillip walked up to Blue Moon for burgers to go.

We ate our burgers while we watched the final episode of the fourth season of Farscape. We knew ahead of time that it would end in a cliffhanger that wouldn’t be resolved. There was supposed to be a fifth season, but the show got canceled. That is frustrating.

But there is hope. After the show got cancelled, a mini-series, named Farscape: The Peacekeeper War, was made which, I understand, closed up a lot of the plots left hanging. It isn’t included in the box set Brian loaned us. Brian has it on his computer’s hard drive, and we have an open invitation to come up and watch it.

As much as we enjoy visiting Brian and Kathi, I came up with another solution. I found The Peacekeeper War on Netflix, put it on our queue, and moved it to the top.

A friend recently told me he was looking for a science fiction series to get into, and asked if I’d recommend Farscape. I told him that it’s an uneven series – sometimes silly, and sometimes scary – and that’s a good thing. The are some episodes that aren’t as good as others, but there are a lot more outstanding episodes. Yes, I recommend Farscape.

This final episode starts off with something very funny. A voice-over says “Previously, on Farscape”. Then, instead of the expected highlights from the previous episode or two, it shows us highlights from the entire four seasons, possibly every episode, in one or two second clips.

There’s also a hilarious scene, when John and Aeryn are having a romantic conversation in a boat. The rest of the crew are watching them from a distance and misinterpret everything they see. “What are they doing now? “John’s down on one knee.” “He’s injured himself!”

And that cliffhanger was a humdinger of a cliffhanger. I’m not happy with whoever cancelled the series.

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