Working Music

There are days at work when I’m content to let my iPod Shuffle choose the next song in my playlist without interference from me. There are days when I’m constantly skipping songs, searching for something that better fits my mood. (My 3rd generation iPod Shuffle is capable of multiple playlists, for different moods, but I’ve never bothered with that. I’m not sure why.) And there are days when I’m sick of the 663 songs in my iPod and I turn to the internet for something new.

I saw an article recently that said a study has shown that people over 35 don’t seek out new music. I didn’t read the whole article. It didn’t interest me. I’m well over 35 and my four current favorite bands – Chvrches, Poliça, Las Cafeteras, and Mont Oliver – were discoveries within the past few months.

I was over 35 when I discovered Abney Park.

I added a new song to my iPod playlist this past weekend: “Afterglow”, by Teenage Wrist. I’d never heard of the band until I saw a post on the wonderful blog named Destino.

I like the noisy guitars in “Afterglow”. I like noise in a song – especially noise on top of rhythm. Examples are: “Northern Lights” by St. Vincent, “Creep” by Radiohead, “The Best Thing” by Ivy, and the entire Talking Heads album “Remain In Light”.

I like quiet songs, too.

It frustrates me that I’ll never be able hear all the music there is out there.

Yesterday at work was a “let it shuffle” day. Today, I was skipping over songs, but I wasn’t sure what sort of mood I was in.

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