And So, Now It’s REALLY Over

Last night, Phillip and I watched Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars – all three hours of it. From what I understand, it was originally a two-part mini series. But the disc we watched, from Netflix, combined it into one continuous movie.

It started off slowly, and the special effects were not nearly as good as the television series. I didn’t have high expectations for the remaining two-and-a-half hours. But then it picked up, and became very good – excellent, even. I didn’t notice the special effects anymore, because I was so wrapped up in the story.

No more cliffhangers, no more unanswered plots. The Peacekeeper Wars wrapped up the story quite nicely, and in true Farscape fashion. It’s over.

For the record: Phillip correctly guessed both who the spy was, and what the baby’s name would be. I got them both wrong.

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