Everyday Is (Not) Like Sunday

Yesterday, Phillip and I took a scouting trip to Columbia City. Neither one of us knows the area well, and we were looking for a restaurant for dinner before tonight’s show. Phillip drove, and I wrote down the names of places that looked good from the outside.

(Yesterday’s photo, on my other blog, was taken trough the open passenger-side window while Phillip was waiting for a car to parallel park.)

When we headed back toward Capitol Hill, I had written down the names of six restaurants.

We got home, and I started some internet research. By the time I was done, all six were crossed off of the list. One was too expensive, and the other five were closed on Sundays.

I contacted Amy via Facebook. She and I reached the same conclusion: Columbia City pretty much closes down on Sundays.

Amy did have a suggestion, though: Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria. It wasn’t on our list of six, but it’s open on Sundays, and it’s next door to the theater. So that’s what we all agreed on.

Phillip and I did have one other thing on our agenda for today: a robotics show at Seattle Center – if we both felt like it. It would make for a full day. After sleeping until one in the afternoon, I didn’t feel like a full day. So, we skipped the robotics show.

We met Amy outside of Tutta Bella. We had a nice dinner. Phillip and I completely mispronounced the name of the pizza we ordered: Michele. (We pronounced it like the woman’s name, instead of Mik-EL-aye. Neither one of us speaks Italian.) We had a great, and forgiving, server, however.  For desert, Amy and Phillip had gelati, and I had something I had never heard of before: Shakerato (“espresso sweetened and shaken martini-style”). It was delicious. It was all delicious.

The show at the Columbia City Theater was a fundraiser for Torchlight Alley – a group planning to open a cabaret theater on Capitol Hill. (They say they have a location picked out, but it’s still a secret until they’re closer to closing a deal.) It was a fun variety show, with burlesque, boylesque, drag, singing, auctions, and juggling.

I had a great time tonight.

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