The Character

There’s a character I see on the Link train some mornings. I mean “character” in the nicest and truest ways possible. I’ve sometimes wanted to talk to him. This morning, I got my chance.

He sat down directly behind me on the train and said, “Sorry.”

I turned around and asked, “What’s that?” He answered, “Oh, my bag.” He patted the duffel bag in the seat next to him. It occurred to me that he hadn’t said “sorry” to me.

“I’ve moving a little slow these days,” he added.

“Nothing wrong with that,” I told him.

“I got a blister on my toe,” he said.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said.

He let out a hardy laugh. I think it really amused him. “Oh, that’s OK.” he said, still laughing.

We didn’t say anything more until Pioneer Square Station. As I got up, I turned around and said, “Have a good day.” He gave me a big smile and a little wave, and said, “Thanks! You, too!”

Route 47 is returning this weekend. I’m glad, but I’m not exactly excited. I like the 47. I loved it when it was the original 14. Metro shortened it so much that from our neighborhood, it’s not that much different from the 43. It’ll be a shorter walk to and from the bus stop, and the bus will be less crowded in the evening, but I’m still going to have to transfer at Westlake. I miss the old 14.

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