Things Forgotten

This afternoon, I started wondering what I was going to write about for today’s blog post. Then I realized that I could not remember a single detail about this morning’s commute. That worried me. Has my commute become so routine that I’m just going through it with my eyes closed?

I’m supposed to notice things on my way to and from work. That’s supposed to be the benefit of commuting by public transit. I’m supposed to be able to stop and feed the squirrels.

Eventually, two details came back to me: Mr. Speedy and the latte.

Mr. Speedy rides the same 43 I do in the mornings. As I’m walking down Summit Avenue, toward the bus stop, he comes speeding past me. I get to the bus stop, and there’s Mr. Speedy, waiting for the bus. I always make sure he exits the bus at Westlake Station before I do, because he’s always in a rush to get to the platform. He runs down the escalator. I get to the platform, and there’s Mr. Speedy, waiting for his bus. I let several buses come and go, until the next Link train arrives. As the train leaves the station, I look out the window and see Mr. Speedy on the platform, still waiting for his bus.

This morning, Mr. Speedy was not at the bus stop. I boarded the 43, and exited at Westlake. While I was waiting for the Link train, Mr. Speedy showed up. He’d obviously caught a later bus. He was still waiting for his second bus when the Link train left the station.

I sometimes wonder if Mr. Speedy thinks he has to rush, or if he just likes to hurry.

In between Pioneer Square Station and my office, I stopped into Monorail Espresso for a Toasted Coconut Latte. I especially like their Lavender White Chocolate Mocha, but their Toasted Coconut Latte is a close second.

The 43 home was unusually crowded this evening – standing room only. I was lucky to find a seat. It’s going to be nice to have the 47 back next week. As I walked home from the bus stop, I still hadn’t found anything inspiring to photograph for my other blog. I got home with nothing photographed. That’s OK. When I started “Amazing and Ordinary”, I told myself I didn’t have to post a photo every day.

After I’d been home a while, I suddenly realized that I had taken a photograph today. It was on the morning commute I’d forgotten.

I rather like how today’s photograph turned out, despite the poor lighting conditions. It was taken between stations, in the tunnel. I took it quickly, without much thought to framing. It turned out so washed out that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to use it. I sharpened it a little and darkened it a lot. Now it looks nothing like the interior of the train, lighting-wise, but I still like it.

Tonight, Phillip and I watched The Man Who Fell to Earth. It arrived today from Netflix. We’d each seen it only once before. Phillip says he saw it in the 80s. I may have seen it around that time.

Tonight, I seemed to have remembered more of the movie than Phillip had. After it was over, we agreed that it was not very good – certainly not as good as we remembered it being.

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