Glad I Checked

I never did get around to watching Barry Lyndon. Whenever I thought about it, I was either not in the mood to watch it, or I wasn’t at home to watch it. This afternoon, I realized I should watch it soon, like this weekend, since it’s probably due back any day now. I checked on the library web site. It’s due back June 5 – today. (Did I accidentally delete the reminder email?)

It had been on hold for so long that I knew the demand was too high for me to renew it. I decided to try anyway. I’d been right. There were too many holds. I couldn’t renew it.

I feel bad for hanging onto it, unwatched, for three weeks when there so many people were waiting for it.

I came home, dropped off my bag, picked up the DVD and walked to the library.

When I got home from the library, the library web site told me I’d recently returned Barry Lyndon, and I had no overdue fines. I think the internet is a perfect tool for public libraries.

Meanwhile, I’m slowly making my way through Plague Dogs, by Richard Adams. I’m liking it, but it’s a difficult book to read – not only for the depictions of animal torture, but for the human accents and the canine thought processes.

Plague Dogs is due back June 22, by the way.

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