Adjusting The Timing

This morning was my first commute to work with the return of the 47. I left our apartment five minutes later than I did last week. It turned out to be too early. I was aware that the bus stop is a whole lot closer than it was last week, but I hadn’t adjusted my sense of travel time yet.

The nearest mailbox is a whole lot closer now, as well. (The nearest mailbox that’s on my way to the bus stop, I mean.)

The 47 bus felt comfortable this morning, and, somehow, cleaner. The bus was full, but not packed. I had a seat to myself.

We got to Westlake Station later than I’ve been used to, as well. I got to the platform just as a Link train was closing its doors. I estimated that I still had time to wait for the next train, but, to be safe, I caught a 41 bus to Pioneer Square Station. I’m still getting a feel for the timing – seeing where I can adjust it.

I got to work with plenty of time to spare.

On my way home today. I stopped into to Downtown Post Office to buy stamps. (I still believe in postage stamps.) I got to the stop at 4th & Pike as a 43 was arriving. I checked OneBusAway. I’d missed a 47 by 5 minutes, and the next one was 15 minutes away. I rode the 43 home.

I’ve noticed that when Metro restored route 47, it chose to eliminate half the stops along Summit, and half the stops along Bellevue, in the process. It’s part of Metro’s overall plan to make passengers walk farther in order to make their buses move faster. Or, as I like to call it: “Sacrifice service for the sake of schedule”.

The stop elimination that puzzles me the most is the one on Bellevue at Denny. Not only does it have the coolest bus stop mosaic in town (which I think was put there by the building, not Metro) it is the transfer point for route 8. Anyone with mobility difficulties living in the north end of the I-5 shores is going to have several more blocks of walking (or wheeling) on their trip to Seattle Center.

Why eliminate that stop, Metro?

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