The Sign

I left later this morning than I did yesterday, and that worked out better. I was not the first one at the bus stop, and I still had time get in a page or two of The Plague Dogs before the bus arrived. I think I have the timing figured out for that part of my commute.

We got to Westlake Station. I walked down to the platform. There was no Link train in sight. I wished the tunnel stations had “next train” arrival information. I made my way to the front of the platform, and stood near an ORCA card reader, in case a Link train arrived before the next bus. A 41 bus arrived, and I got on board.

As we approached Pioneer Square Station, I happened to glance up at the “next stop” display. It read:


It took me a moment to realize why that display looked weird. Obviously, the first three words are an abbreviation of “PIONEER SQUARE STATION”, but what does “ST” stand for? Street? Pioneer Square Station Street?

Does it stand for Sound Transit? Has the tunnel ownership changed from Metro to Sound Transit already? If so, why point that out on the display?

South Tunnel? Seattle Tower? (No, that’s at University Street Station.) Still Traveling? Stay There? I want to know.

Later in the morning, I thought of a solution to the lack of a “next train” arrival sign in the tunnel. I logged onto OneBusAway and looked at the schedules for Westlake Station. Although Link Light Rail doesn’t officially have a schedule – just a frequency of arrivals – it does have a schedule on the OneBusAway web site. I think I can wait for a Link train.

At the end of the workday, I caught a RapidRide E right away. I got to 4th & Pike as a 43 was arriving. OneBusAway told me that the next 47 was 18 minutes away. This may be a problem. I may become a one-way supporter of route 47.

I don’t want route 47 to get eliminated a second time.

Actually, though. the 43 worked out better for me today. It got me closer to the Capitol Hill Library, where my hold on the season 1 box set of Gilmore Girls had arrived.

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