Giant Hobo

I decided to wait for the Link train at Westlake Station this morning. I was just a little nervous about it – I couldn’t get a sense of how close I was cutting things. It’s actually difficult for me to be late for work – I have a generous amount of flex time, and I do work alone for the majority of the day. However, I like to stick to a schedule at work.

I got to work with plenty of time to relax before starting my tasks. The next time I’m in the mood to stop off at Top Pot or Cherry Street Coffee House on my way in, however, I won’t have time to wait for the train.

Even though it’s only a mile ride from Westlake Station to Pioneer Square Station, I prefer light rail over a bus. It’s roomier. There’s no line of people waiting to get to the fare box at the front door. And I don’t have to walk to the front of the platform at Westlake, and then back to the back at Pioneer Square.

I got to 4th & Pike this evening and checked OneBusAway. I was surprised to see that the 47 would be arriving in only 2 minutes, and it was on schedule. I don’t know how that happened. I must have just missed it yesterday.

So, I got to ride the 47 to and from work today.

This afternoon, at work, I listened to an episode of Land of the Giants. That show really is terrible, but today’s episode was kind of fun. It was entitled “Framed.”

The passengers and crew of the Sprindrift have been looking for a lens of some kind to make the ship’s solar batteries charge better. They get lucky and find a giant photographer in the park taking photographs of a giant model. The photographer sets one of his giant cameras on the ground while he uses another camera to take his photographs.

The Spindrift members try various ways to unscrew the lens from the camera, but it won’t budge.

Meanwhile, a giant homeless man with a giant bottle of wine comes staggering through the park. The Spindrift members keep calling him a “hobo”. That amused me, somehow.

Meanwhile, the photographer starts making improper advances toward the model. The model resists. A fight breaks out, and the model is pushed to the ground, hits her head on a rock, and dies. A couple of the Spindrift members witness this, and one of them gasps in terror, or something. The photographer hears the noise, and sees two “tittle people” running away.

The two Spindrift members hide in a giant gopher hole. The photographer finds them, and after failing to get them by reaching into the hole, stuffs some kindling in the hole and sets it on fire. The photographer hears the hobo approaching and runs away.

The hobo sees the burning kindling and extinguishes it. Two “little people” stagger our of the hole, but the hobo blames the vision on his wine. (Ha ha!)

The hobo passes out on a park bench near the photographer’s equipment. The photographer finds the hobo and decides to frame him for the model’s murder. The Sprindrift members witness this. Captain Burton voices the opinion that they should do something about it. The rest of the members disagree, but Captain Burton overrules them.

Somehow, they use the giant camera to photograph the giant photographer framing the giant hobo, sneak into the photographer’s studio, steal the developed photograph, and make sure the giant police find it. The photographer is arrested, and the hobo is set free.

Later, the Spindrift members find another giant camera that the hobo has left for them. Unfortunately, it’s an old-fashioned box camera and has no lens.

The end of the episode included one of the funniest credits I’ve seen in a long time: “Doodles Vin Weaver as Giant Hobo”.

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