One Week

It’s been a week now, since the return of route 47. I’ve ridden it to work five times, and I’ve ridden it home three times.

I’ve decided that I have two options if I want to catch a 47 home. I can get into a rush and maybe catch the 47 I just missed on Monday and Tuesday – or have to wait 15-20 minutes for the next one. Or I can drag my feet, take my time, miss that 47, and have a 5-10 minute wait. Long time readers of this blog know I’m opting for the second option.

I caught a RapidRide E going up 3rd Avenue this evening. Two fare inspectors boarded at Columbia Street, checked that everyone had paid for the ride, and then exited at the next stop.

I had a 4 minute wait for the 47 at 4th & Pike. There were three buses at the stop when I arrived. An 11 was in front, a 49 was behind it, and another 11 bus was behind the 49. It was fascinating to watch how many people ran past the 11 in back, waving their arm in a flagging motion, in order to catch the 11 in front. (If you’re that afraid that the bus is going to leave without you, why not just board the closer 11? It’s probably less crowded, too.)

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