About That Library Mystery

Yesterday, Phillip and Lynn and I met up at The Majestic Bay, in Ballard, and watched Spy (starring Melissa McCarthy, who co-starred in Gilmore Girls). Those two laughed their heads off, but it just didn’t click with me. I didn’t dislike the movie, exactly – parts of it were funny – but I didn’t really enjoy it. I’m not sure why.

After the movie, the three of us had lunch at Li’l Woody’s and window-shopped at the interior decorating place up the street.

I can’t accept that Lynn is moving to Centralia.

Last week, I asked Phillip if he was at all interested in watch an episode or two of Gilmore Girls with me. I’d borrowed season 1 from the library for myself, but if Phillip was curious about it, I’d wait and watch it with him. He watched the pilot episode with me, and then wanted to see another episode. I think I’ve got him hooked on one my all-time favorite TV shows. We’ve been binge-watching it, two to four episodes a night, and it’s usually Phillip’s suggestion.

I don’t think that discovering Gilmore Girls had anything to do with Phillip’s suggestion to see Spy.

I was prepared to walk out the door this morning, on my way to Writers’ Group, with nothing to read. I just couldn’t come up with anything to write, or even anything influential to read. It was especially frustrating, because Russ would we rejoining us after – I can’t remember how long it’s been. He stopped coming long before I began experimenting with steampunk fiction, and long before Mariah joined the group. It just felt wrong to celebrate his return by arriving empty-handed.

As I was almost out the door this morning, I made a mental note to ask Barbara and Mariah about the mystery of the book I had to ask at the desk for. Then it occurred to me that I should print out the blog post I wrote about it and read it, even though I’d decided to stop reading blog posts to the group. It would be better than nothing, I figured. I also brought the copy of The Plague Dogs, as a sort of show-and-tell.

After I read the blog post to the group, I put forth my theory that the book had been recently returned, and hadn’t yet been shelved. Mariah told me it doesn’t work that way.

When Barbara heard that the only two copies were large print editions, she guessed that the library’s copies must be very old. I didn’t quite understand that, at first, and I didn’t get around to asking her, but I assume she meant that if the only copies left were special editions, the regular editions must have gone out of circulation.

Mariah then suggested that the book might be too old, or in too bad of shape, to be out on the shelf. I showed everyone the book. It’s stamped “MAR 15 1999” – which is old, but the book is in great shape. So, Mariah dismissed that theory.

Mariah then suggested that demand for the book may have dropped so low that the library has kept one copy in the back room to free up shelf space. If anyone asks for it, a staff member can retrieve it. If people stop asking for it, the library can get rid of it. That theory makes the most sense to me.

Bernice couldn’t join us today. I hope she joins us next month.

It was great seeing Russ again. I hope he continues to share his writing with us.

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