Mysteries Of Our Bus System

Phillips’s former supervisor’s retirement party was this afternoon at 4:00, and I was invited. Four o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon seems like a fine time for retired persons, but a little inconvenient for us working folks. But I’m not complaining.

The party was at the Center for Urban Horticulture – a beautiful facility northeast of Husky Stadium. I did some research yesterday and discovered that Metro route 65 could get me from Downtown to pretty close to the party – I think. Actually, I don’t know. Metro’s online schedule confuses me. It says I could catch it in the Downtown Transit Tunnel and ride to the party. But the map shows the route starting in the U District. I can’t figure out what the references to routes 71,72,73, and 74 mean.

Does that mean that some of those 70s turn into a 65? If so, how do I know which ones do that? (Have I mentioned lately that I strongly dislike Metro’s practice of changing route numbers in the middle of a route?)

Does it mean that I can catch one of the 70s and transfer to a 65 in the U District? If so, that’s a little crazy. That’s like Metro telling me route 43 goes to Wedgwood. (Well, I suppose it does if I transfer to a 65 somewhere.)

But none of this matters, because, last night, Phillip told me he’d be expecting me to go to his office first, and then we’d drive to the party together. So, I went back to my research.

I pushed my work schedule to the limit of its flexibility today.  I started work a half-hour early and left a half-hour early, I left my desk at 4:00 – we would not be the first ones to the party.

I walked down into Pioneer Square Station and waited for either a 71, 72, 73 or 74 – whichever came first. My plan was to exit somewhere on University Way and walk to Phillip’s office. We definitely would not be the first ones there.

A 73 arrived after a few minutes. It was standing-room-only when we left Convention Place Station. We merged onto the I-5 express lanes and zipped up to the U District.

Suddenly, I realized we were approaching a stop I hadn’t counted on – a stop a whole lot closer to Phillip’s office than University Way. I love surprises like that.

When I was about 50 feet from Phillip’s office, he called me to find out how close I was.

It was a fun party.

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