TV Party

We had a Gilmore Girls marathon last night -six episodes in a row, with only one break to make nachos. We have a DVD from Netflix waiting to be watched, but Gilmore Girls is due back at the library in less than a week.

Watching Gilmore Girls, I’m having the same sensation I had when we binge-watched Farscape. I have a memory of watching Gilmore Girls, I’m familiar with the concept and the characters, but the majority of the episodes we’ve watched this past week were completely unfamiliar to me. The Bangles concert, the junkyard, Rory spending the night with her grandparents, Luke’s girlfriend, and so on, all came as surprises to me. Is it possible that I discovered this show after its first season? Or did I originally watch random episodes in reruns? Or is it like it was with Farscape, when I discovered that the show I thought I knew was merely the show I knew about?

No, I’m sure I’ve seen plenty of episodes of Gilmore Girls. Apparently, I haven’t seen much of the first season – until now.

We’re on the last disc of the season. It’s time to put Season 2 on hold.

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