A Free Latte Is Nice

It’s a little past 10 o’clock at night. We got home a few minutes ago from a burlesque show at Neighbours. It was a good show.

Before the show started, I ordered a Black Russian. (My usual drink of choice is Rum & Coke, but I’ve been on a Black Russian kick lately.) The bartender asked me if I wanted a splash of Coke in it. I told him I’d never heard of that, but it sounded interesting. He said something about not having the right-sized glasses, and needing to fill the glass up. A Black Russian with a slash of Coke was actually very good.

Before the burlesque show, Phillip and I had dinner at Rancho Bravo. They’re starting to decorate the outside of the place – the inside still looks like the old Kentucky Fried Chicken – and they’ve added a couple of TV sets inside. I’m glad to see that Ranch Bravo is doing well enough to put money into decorating. The food is still Mexican food truck delicious.

Before dinner, we went to our niece’s graduation class gallery show at Seattle Central College. Several of Phillip’s side of the family were there. I had a good time.

This morning, on my way to work, I was in the mood for some oatmeal, so I stopped into Specialty’s. As I was ordering oatmeal, I thought to myself that I should have a latte there someday – I haven’t done a latte photo for my other blog in a long time.

Actually, I’ve run out of latte cups to add to my photo collection. There are plenty of coffee shops in Seattle yet to be visited (Bauhaus, for instance) but all the ones on my way to and from work have been stopped into. Well, all except Specialty’s, that is.

It turned out that someone forgot to make the oatmeal this morning. I got the last oatmeal in the place. There wasn’t enough oatmeal to completely fill the bowl, however, so the manager gave me a few options to make up for the skimpy bowl: I could have a coupon for a free breakfast in the future, I could have a free pastry, or I could have a free cup of coffee.

I chose the free coffee. Drip or espresso, she asked me. A latte would be nice, thank you, I answered.

So I got a free latte to go with my not-quite-full bowl of oatmeal – and a new latte photo for my other blog.

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