I often feel that if I don’t ride the 47 on my way to or from work, I’m doing my part to jeopardize its existence. Ever since Metro cut the northern mile off of route 14 and created the 47, it’s essentially a duplicate of the 43 for those of us living on The I-5 Shores. So it’s understandable that the 47 has low ridership – especially when it arrives right behind a 43. And, of course, low ridership means a route is in danger of being eliminated. (In the case of the 47, it’s in danger of being eliminated again.)

My neighborhood is one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in Seattle. And I am sure that there are many of my neighbors with mobility difficulties for whom a half-mile walk to the 43 stop on Olive Way is not an easy thing. We need the 47.

But I feel that, even if Metro thinks the 47 needs to be separate from the 14, the 47 doesn’t have to be a duplicate of the 43. If I had the power to do so, I’d suggest that, instead of turning the 47 around at Westlake, it continue down 3rd Avenue and use the same Pioneer Square turnaround as route 70. (Both the 47 and the 70 are trolley routes.)

Anyway, I didn’t ride the 47 home today. I took a detour. The city is in the process of painting several crosswalks on Capitol Hill rainbow flag colors. At least three were completed last night. Brian and Amy both requested that I post photos.

So I rode a 2 bus up to Broadway and Union, walked over to Pike/Pine, snapped a few photos, and posted one on my other blog. I’m not sure that I posted the best photo.

I just missed a 49 going back, so I walked home.

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