Inside The Mind Of James

Brian and I have been bluebooking via email. I am still new to role-playing, I don’t yet know what I’m doing, but it seems that bluebooking is a chance for the Game Master to meet with a player one-on-one, in private, and get inside the mind of the character the player has created. It’s a chance, I think, for us both to solidify the character. That’s what it seems like we’re doing.

Brian has set up a situation involving my character, James Joyce, the guy who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, became a drifter, and has ended up living in Seattle with a group of fellow Mages. (At some point, I should stop referring to James as “the former drifter”. He’s a guide on The Underground Tour now, with a permanent address in SoDo. I should call him “the restless tour guide”, or something like that.)

I won’t go into detail about our bluebooking. I’m fairly sure the other players aren’t supposed to know James’ secrets.

Brian writes to me, giving me part of the story from one point of view. I write back, continuing the story from the other point of view.

Along the way, I’ve confessed to Brian my feelings, using James’ voice, about the game, the other characters, and my uncertainty over whether James Joyce is supposed to be casting magic spells or using his firearm skills.

This bluebooking is a fun writing exercise.

One thought on “Inside The Mind Of James

  1. Brian later told me that this post has the basic idea of bluebooking right. It’s not a private conversation, however – it’s merely a sideline to the main story. It’s OK for me to tell my fellow players about it, if I wish.

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