Hot Times In The City

It is hot in Seattle. It’s expected to get even hotter this weekend. They’re predicting temperatures in the low 90s. I suspect it’s at least that hot already, especially Downtown.

I received a Transit Alert from Metro this afternoon, unlike any I have ever received. It warned me about the “very hot” weather that is being expected. It warned that although about 70 per cent of Metro buses are air-conditioned, it can still feel warm on crowded buses.

The alert contained eight bullet points of suggestions, including avoiding travel during the hottest part of the day, carrying water (in a “spill-proof container”), dressing for the weather, and waiting for the bus in a shaded area.

My friends are discussing why Metro is warning us about possible service delays. Reasons we’ve come up with are: Fewer people walking or biking – and more riding buses or driving cars. more ambulances attending to victims of the heat, and more vehicles breaking down.

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