Early Morning Text

Yesterday, Phillip had asked me to send him a text message this morning if I heard any news about the Supreme Court ruling. He was going with the idea that if it was good news, they’d make the announcement today – and if was bad news, the announcement would come on Monday.

Phillip left for work this morning without hearing any news.Then I left for work without hearing any news.

As I was riding up the escalator out of Pioneer Square Station, my phone signaled an incoming text message. It was Phillip.

Marriage is now legal in all fifty states.

My office felt like a party today.

Facebook has been filled with rainbows all day.

This evening, Phillip and I marched in the Trans Pride parade. At the rally that followed, we met up with Amber, Cole and Cole, and several of Phillip’s NorWesCon friends.

Then we walked home, stopping off at Teriyaki & Wok along the way. We’re both exhausted.

It’s been an amazing day.

3 thoughts on “Early Morning Text

  1. I can imagine this might cause some pressure for some = to “pop the question” now. lol
    Do all gay people “want” to get married? It’s quite a commitment, whatever your inclinations are.

    Fascinating topic, when you think about it.

    Will gay people now feel the pressure to get married, or be a “spinster” like tradition has forced the rest of us to “tie the knot?”

    Wow, this could be an interesting social thing to watch.

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