A Ride To The Festival

Phillip and I skipped the Pride Parade today, like we always do, and went to the Pride Festival at Seattle Center.

I woke up around noon today, took a shower, and then woke Phillip up. While he was getting ready, I checked the 43 and 47 schedules on OneBusAway.

Here’s another reason that I believe Metro is trying to kill the 47. These were the arrival times for the stop at Bellevue and Republican:

12:22 12:57
2:16 2:51

And these were arrival times for the 43 at Summit and Olive:

12:05 12:20 12:35 12:50
1:05 1:20 1:35 1:50
2:05 2:20 2:35 2:50

With a consistent schedule like the 43 has, you know the bus is scheduled at 5 after, 20 after, 35 after, and 50 after – every hour.  With the 47’s schedule, you need to look it up every time.

Anyway… We caught the 47 at 12:57. Because of the parade reroute, it didn’t take us all the way to Westalke. We walked the rest of the way. It was an overcast day, with just a mist of rain. It was perfect – not as overwhelmingly hot as the past few days.

From Westlake, we took the monorail to Seattle Center.

We chose that route for two reasons. The minor reason was that route 8 was also on parade reroute, and wouldn’t quite get us to Seattle Center. The major reason was that an “open carry” group of gun-totters was scheduled to stage a protest during the festival, and we didn’t want to be near them if things got our of hand. Their demonstration had been restricted to outside of the Center grounds. The monorail would take us into the center grounds without having to walk past the guns.

The Pride Festival was more crowded than in past years. That’s a good thing, but I still miss the days when the parade was on Broadway, and the festival was at Cal Anderson Park – although it’s also a good thing that the festival outgrew Cal Anderson.

We weren’t at the festival long before Phillip spotted the open carry crowd – inside the Center grounds.

We had a good time at this year’s Pride Festival. We walked around, looked at the booths, ate shaved ice, people watched, and avoided the gun nuts. (Fortunately, the open carry demonstration consisted of only three or four people, so they were easy to avoid.)

We brought a Groupon for Lunchbox Laboratory with us. The plan was to stop by on our way home. Neither one of us could remember where to catch the 8, and we were both too tired to walk from Seattle Center to Cascade. I had another idea, however: We could catch the monorail back to Westlake, walk to 3rd Avenue, and catch a 70 bus to Cascade.

We got great seats on the monorail – in the very back, looking backward as we passed through Experience Music Project  and Belltown.

We got to the stop on 3rd Avenue, and I checked OneBusAway. The 70 wasn’t listed. (I found out later that the 70 doesn’t run on Sundays.) Just then, a 49 arrived, traveling up 3rd because of the parade reroute.

We rode the 49 home, dropped off our bags, and drove to Lunchbox Laboratory.

We are both exhausted.

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