Oh Yeah, The Pool!

When Phillip got up this afternoon, I was playing The Sims 2, after attempting to read a few more pages of The Plague Dogs, by Richard Adams. I’m afraid I’m just not getting into that book, and I may have to give up completely and return it to the library.

The first thing Phillip said when he got up this afternoon was: “Let’s go to the pool!”

I’d actually forgotten that our apartment building has a swimming pool – a nice, large, indoor pool. It’s the second-best thing about this apartment building. (The first being the location.) Lately, the pool has been closed for repairs more often than it’s been open for swimming. It was closed all last summer, and didn’t re-open until late October.

The pool felt wonderful. We each grabbed a flotation toy and drifted in the cool water for – I don’t know how long.

After the pool, we got dressed and walked outside into the heat. We walked up to Broadway, had lunch at Blue Moon Burgers, went grocery shopping, and then stopped into the library to look at DVDs (and enjoy the air-conditioning). Then we walked back to our hot apartment.

While we were waiting in line at the check-out at QFC, a customer jokingly asked an employee how long he’s allowed to hang around in the store. (In other words, in the air-conditioned building.) The employee replied that there is no limit – stay as long as you like.

It is hot in Seattle. We’ve had the hottest June on record, and it’s even hotter here at the start of July.

Tonight, Phillip and I went to a burlesque show at The (not air-conditioned) Re-Bar. We’d won free tickets during the raffle at the show at Neighbours. It was a good show, despite technical difficulties, a small audience, and the heat.

I hope the pool stays open for a while.

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