Delay, Not, Delay

Yesterday, I did not experience the same heat-related delay in my commute that I did on Monday. It was a nice commute actually. The 47 in the morning was surprisingly full – not packed, just full. On the ride home, the 47 arrived in the form of an air-conditioned diesel bus. Plus, it was right behind a packed 43 – so the 47 was roomy and cool. I felt almost sorry for the riders in the hot, packed 43.

The 47 was full this morning, as well.

There was a Metro supervisor at our 47 stop this morning. We have an excellent driver – the same one every morning – and she didn’t do anything differently (that I noticed) this morning, even with a supervisor on board. Good for her.

The Metro supervisor exited at Westlake. Then I saw him board the same Link train as me. I had assumed he’d been on our bus to check up on the driver, but I guess he was just on his way to work, like me.

I got to Third Avenue this evening, at the end of the day, and the bus stop was unusually full. I knew we were back to a heat related-delay. This is a thing I forgot to include in Monday’s post: I knew it was a service delay caused by the hot weather, and not an accident, because the reason I was so late getting home was that not only were buses not arriving on Pike Street, they weren’t showing up on Third Avenue, either. It looked like the same thing was happening this evening.

A 4 bus arrived after just a few minutes. I got to Fourth & Pike, and the bus stop was jammed with people. A 10 and a 49 were there, boarding passengers. OneBusAway told me a 47 was arriving “now”. I didn’t see any 47s, however.

An 11 and a 43 arrived. Once they got finished boarding, the bus stop was pretty much empty. I decided to wait for that 47.

A 60-foot 43 bus arrived next, and, oddly, only about five or six people boarded. I decided to stop waiting for the 47, and rode that 43 home.

I kept expecting to hear the 47 go by as I walked home from Olive Way, but I didn’t. I got home not much later than I usually do.

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