Smarten Up? Or Dumb Down?

It is finally overcast in Seattle! It was finally below ninety degrees today. Who knew a cool, grey day would be so welcomed?

Now, if will only start raining, the weather will be perfect.

For several years, I’ve had the same Tracfone cell phone – an LG-something. Phillip used to have the identical model. When we bought them, Tracfone didn’t sell any true “smart phones”. They promised us that the model we bought was almost as good as a smart phone. It runs apps, they said.

We soon discovered that the phone does, indeed, run apps – not Android, Apple, of Windows apps, but Java apps. Good luck finding a useful Java app. I gave up looking, but kept using the phone. It’s actually a pretty good phone otherwise.

Now, Tracfone sells true “smart phones”. They are fully functional Android phones, with the latest Android version. A few months ago, Phillip bought one. It’s not “top of the line” (no flashlight, for instance), but it runs all the apps Phillip wants to run.

I’m not ready for a new cell phone yet. I hate to get rid of things that still work. Still, I do think about my next phone from time to time. Phillip suddenly ran out of data minutes recently – he discovered it when the OneBusAway app stopped working. That started me thinking about what kind of cell phone I want to get next.

Do I need a smart phone? There is a side of me that tends to be anti-technology. Do I really want to carry around a mini-computer with me? The only apps I think I’ll be using on a daily would be OneBusAway, car2go, and maybe some kind of mapping software.

OneBusAway works well on my current phone’s web browser, and there never seems to be any cars2go nearby – app or no app.

Or, do I want to go in the opposite direction and get a cell phone that’s neither smart nor “almost as good as” a smart phone – just a cell phone?

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