The Block Never Traveled

This morning, half-way between our apartment building and the bus stop, I saw an illegally parked car2go. I stopped to take a look, strictly out of curiosity. There was no parking ticket.

Then I looked at the windshield display – again, strictly out of curiosity. The LED was flashing green. The car was available. In the days when I was walking to work in Cascade, I would have been thrilled at such a rare piece of luck. Yesterday, as I was walking home from Volunteer Park on a hot day, I would have been thrilled to happen upon an available car2go.

But, this morning, I had absolutely no incentive to spend a few buck to drive Downtown, versus a free bus ride. So I left the car2go  for someone who really needed it. I had no doubt that someone would grab it before the city had a chance to ticket it.

The 47 was full enough this morning that some people had to sit next to strangers. That was good to see. I imagine that when it starts raining some morning, the 47 will be packed.

As we crossed over the freeway on Pine Street this morning, I looked over and noticed the Ben Towne Center for Cancer Research, over on Olive Way. It felt like I was seeing it for the first time. It’s not a very noticeable building, but Children’s has decorated it nicely – well, at least the Olive Way entrance. All I’d ever really seen of the building was the back view from Re-Bar – and that view is not notable at all. I realized this morning that I never travel that block of Olive Way, between Boren and Melrose. I’ve had no need to. It’s interesting how, no matter how much I try to vary my routes, there are city blocks I never seem to visit. (This morning, that seemed like a really deep thought.)

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