That Feeling

I had a brief moment of déjà vu this morning. Halfway between our apartment building and the bus stop, I saw an illegally parked car2go, parked in the same spot I saw the illegally parked car2go last Monday. The LED was flashing green.

I figured it wasn’t all that odd that two cars2go could be parked in the same spot during the same week, but it did seem odd that I could happen upon two available cars2go in the same spot, at the same time, in the same week.

I  wondered if it could be the same car2go, and that it was disabled, and that I just hadn’t noticed it yesterday, and that the windshield display was stuck in the “available” mode. I decided to test out that theory. I wrote the car’s license plate number down on a scrape piece of paper, intending to look at the map when I got to my desk. (I realized, later, that that wouldn’t have worked, because if the car was disabled, it wouldn’t show up on the map.)

When our 47 bus pulled into the stop at Bellevue and Thomas, we were passed by a car2go. The license plate number looked familiar. I looked at my scrap of paper. It was the same car I’d seen illegally parked this morning.

Meanwhile, my copy of Go Set a Watchman arrived today. Amazon had promised it to me tomorrow, but last night, the delivery date jumped ahead a date.

So, now I’m going to start reading.

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