Off Commute

Whenever I have one of those “off” commutes, it’s usually in the morning. I’m talking about the type of commute where nothing feels right – a different driver, or a different set of fellow commuters, a different mix of transfers, or a combination of all these things. It’s the type of commute where I’m constantly checking the time to see if I overslept or else left our apartment too early.

Today, I had an “off” commute in the evening, on my way home.

I got to 3rd Avenue, and there were no buses in sight. After a while, a 36 bus showed up. I don’t think I’ve ever ridden a 36 bus. I wasn’t even sure, at first, if it stopped at my stop. I guessed that it would, since it was a trolley, and I’d guessed right.

All of a sudden, 3rd Avenue became usually heavy. All four lanes, in both directions, were thick with buses and illegal car traffic. We had to sit through at least one complete traffic light cycle at Union Street because the long-term temporary stop at Pike Street was completely full of buses.

I got to 4th and Pike, and the stop was weirdly empty. Well, not completely empty – just not nearly as many people as usual.

I checked OneBusAway, which told me I’d missed a 47 by 2 minutes, and another 47 was due in 4 minutes. That’s extremely weird. The 47 usually runs every 35 minutes.

A 10 bus showed up, all by itself. It filled up with passengers and then left.

Then a 47 arrived, all by itself. The 47 never arrives by itself. It’s usually right behind either a 43, 49, or 11.

As we proceeded up Pike Street, I received a text message from Phillip. “How’s traffic?” he asked. “Heavy,” I replied. “Same here.” he said.

I think I got home close to my usual time today.

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