I don’t know if the cell phone reception in our apartment is getting worse, or if my cell phone is getting old.

I called in sick this morning, and stayed home from work.

Years ago, I had a boss I didn’t trust. So, wherever I called in sick, I would always leave messages on two people’s phones, and I’d always call on my cell phone. That way, I figured, if my boss ever claimed I didn’t call in, I’d have my cell phone handy, with a record of the calls I’d made. It never came to that, but that was the type of boss I had.

I don’t have that type of boss now. I still call two people – only because that’s the procedure – but I call on the land line. That way, I don’t have to find the sweet spot over by the window, where the cell phone reception is best.

There is a third person I contact: my coworker who covers for me when I’m not at work. I do that just to give her advance notice. And I always send her a text message. She does the same for me. That’s just the procedure we’ve established.

This morning, I tried to send the text message, but I could not get a single bar on my cell phone. The display read “No Service”‘ no matter where I went in the apartment. (I suppose I could have gotten dressed and gone outside, where the reception is better, but I didn’t feel like it.) Worse still, there were moments when service was suddenly restored, but as soon as I pressed the “Resend” button, the service was lost. Eventually, I got the message through.

I really have no idea if it was my cell phone or the service provider.

It continued like that throughout the day. I received a text message from Phillip. It took me at least six attempts to reply.

Phillip called me on my cell phone. I was asleep when he called, but the ringing woke me up. The instant I picked the cell phone up, the service was lost.

This blog post was going to be about something else, but I don’t remember what it was.

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