My Weird Work Ethic

The cell phone reception was better inside our apartment this morning. It was still terrible, but at least I had reception in the places I expected to have reception.

I almost called in sick this morning. Considering how long I spent in the shower, staring trance-like at a wall, maybe I should have.

Phillip did call in sick, and stayed home.

After tossing the issue back and forth in my mind, I got dressed and headed out the door. Once I got outside, the cell phone reception was fine. It was fine at my office, too. I guess it was the service provider yesterday.

I went to work today with the idea that I’d put in a few hours, then go home.

I had a conversation with a coworker, early this morning. I told her that I have this weird work ethic: It feels wrong to me to call in sick on both a Thursday and the following Friday – even though I know there’s nothing wrong with it. My coworker replied that she has the same work ethic.

I had another conversation with another coworker, not long after that. Suddenly she cried out: “Paul! You’re spilling your coffee!” I looked down at the mug in my hand, and, sure enough, it had slipped enough that there were drops of coffee on the carpet and on my jeans. I didn’t even realize it. My sense of balance was off all day today. I should have called in sick.

Another coworker called in sick today. I’m his backup for a couple of his tasks. I told myself that as soon as I’m done with his tasks, I’m going home. But I didn’t go home.

I told myself that I’d go home at lunch. I had a bowl of soup for lunch – at my desk.

I told myself that I’d go home soon after lunch.

I stayed at work the whole day.

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