Stars Hollow

My hold on the second season of Gilmore Girls finally arrived at the library yesterday. Phillip and I have been binge-watching.

We’ve seen eight episodes so far, and none of them were familiar to me at all. I’m familiar with some of the plot lines, and I know how many of them turn out, but I’m seeing them unfold for the first time. Phillip and I talked about this over dinner at Beth’s Cafe last night. I remember watching the show when it was on, Phillip remembers me watching the show faithfully.

We’ve decided that I must have gotten into the show during a later season, and saw random episodes in reruns.

Anyway, Gilmore Girls remains one of my all-time favorite television shows.

(Lane and that giant suitcase is my favorite sight-gag, so far, this season.)

Meanwhile, I’m building my very first space station in Kerbal Space Program. (Yes, KSP is back in my life.) It’s coming along quite nicely, I think. I’m getting a lot of help from Mechjeb. Launching ships into orbit is easy for me – I use Mechjeb to help with the routine. I have no clue (well, maybe I have a slight clue) how to rendezvous with an orbiting space station – Mechjeb is showing me how it’s done. I know how to dock with things in orbit, but I’m not good at it yet. Mechjeb is there so I don’t crash into this nice space station I’ve spent so long building.

I know that some people consider Mechjeb cheating. I don’t. I decided this weekend that my best response to that is this: I enjoy building things more than I enjoy piloting them. I prefer building space ships and watching how they perform. I’d rather play the game as an engineer than as a pilot.

So far, I’ve always played Kerbal Space Program in Sandbox mode. I enjoy building things. I’ve been considering giving Career mode a try – just for a change of pace.

Meanwhile, I’m 250 pages into Alive, by Scott Sigler.I’m enjoying it a lot. Phillip tells me he’d “figured it out” by that point – but I hadn’t yet.

Phillip’s currently reading another book by the same author. I’ve noticed that Alive is subtitled “Book One of the Generations Trilogy”, so on our way to Beth’s Cafe last night, I asked him if the book he’s reading is the next in the trilogy. He reminded me that our copy is an Advance Reader’s Copy, and Alive officially came out only two weeks ago. We have some time to wait for Book Two.

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