Today’s Commute

The bus stop was crowded this morning. The 47 was full (by 47 standards). Both were good to see.

There was a guy sitting on the sidewalk outside of Westlake Station, asking every passerby: “Do you know what color the transfers are today?” No one was answering him. I didn’t either. (I didn’t know what color today’s transfers were, but that’s beside the point.)

There were some very loud people behind me on the Link train. There was a lot of luggage being banged around, too. I didn’t know what they were saying (due to a language barrier), but they didn’t sound angry or upset. They just seemed to be speaking loudly. It didn’t especially bother me.

I had the escalator up out of Pioneer Square Station all to myself this morning. It’s a narrow escalator (no room for passing). If people ahead of me are walking up the escalator, I’ll walk up it, too. If they’re riding up the escalator, staying on one step, I’ll ride up it, too. If I have the escalator to myself, I’ll ride it up. I figure: If I wanted to climb the stairs, I’d climb the stairs.

I caught a 7 bus up 3rd Avenue this evening. I felt nostalgic for the days when I could ride a 7 all the way from Pioneer Square to Broadway.

A dump truck pulling a bulldozer on a trailer, moving up Spring Street, drove into the intersection before traffic had cleared the other side, thereby completely blocking all four lanes of 3rd Avenue for a complete traffic light cycle.

When I got to 4th and Pike, a 43 was loading passengers. OneBusAway told me a 47 was due in 2 minutes. Amazingly, the  43 was able to leave the stop when the light turned green – without anyone running down the sidewalk, waking their arms.

Because the 47 was only 2 minutes behind a 43, and was right behind a 10, there were only about six passengers on board when we left 4th & Pike.

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