A Book Right Behind A Book

I was around ten pages away from finishing Alive, by Scott Sigler, when I took a break to check my email. I was anxious to see how the story ended, but there was a lot going on in the story, and I felt like I was in danger of skimming over the details to get to the end, so I needed a break.

There was an email from The Seattle Public Library. My copy of Us, by David Nicholls, was available for download. That was nice timing, I thought. I uploaded Us into my eReader, and then finished Alive.

I liked Alive a lot. It’s an intriguing “where are we, who are we, and how did we get here” mystery that moved right along. I did correctly guess one part of the big reveal, but the rest of it caught me by surprise. When I reached the last page, I was sad that the book had come out only this month, because that means it’s going to be a while before part two of the trilogy arrives.

Us was “recommended highly” in this post from An Exacting Life. It was later described to me as a “hetero-normal romance, told from a male point of view”. That should be a nice change from the book I just finished. I’m only 2% of the way into it, so far, so it’s too soon to give an opinion.

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