Last Disc

Last night, Phillip and I reached the last episode of the second season of Gilmore Girls. It came suddenly for me. When I retrieved the sixth disc from the case, I really did not notice that it was also the last disc.

Phillip said that last episode felt very much like a season finale, with those developments in the Sookie/Jackson, Lorelai/Chris/Luke, and Rory/Dean/Jess story arcs. To me, it felt like just another episode – not at all like a season finale.

Absolutely none of the episodes in second season looked familiar to me. I must have somehow skipped this entire season the first time around.

At Phillip’s suggestion, I put Season Three on hold at the library about the time we started the second disc, so we won’t have as long a wait as we did for Season Two. As of this morning, I am in position 1 on 5 copies.

I had to pay rent on my storage unit yesterday, so I did it on my way home from work. I used to auto-pay, but after the third time the payment messed up somehow, I decided to drop it and make monthly visits with my checkbook in hand. I’m finding I actually prefer it that way.

There’s something satisfying to me about taking time to do something – like having to wait for a DVD to arrive in the mail, rather than streaming a movie online, or like having to take a different bus home, walking through the park to the storage place, and writing a check, or like having to walk out of the apartment to drop bills in a mailbox. I guess I’m old-fashioned in some ways.

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