Little Things That Fascinate Me

While waiting at the bus stop at 4th & Pike this evening. a 10 bus pulled into the stop. Right behind it was a 43. Right behind the 43 was a 47. And waiting on the opposite side of the intersection for space to clear, was a 49.

With that combination of buses, I had expected the 47 to be empty, except for me and maybe three other riders. Instead, it was full. It wasn’t large groups of people traveling together, either – it was individual commuters. It found it odd.

Last night, we watched four episodes of Gilmore Girls in a row. I said out loud: “I wonder how many extras Gilmore Girls has hired over the years.”

There’s an unrealness about Gilmore Girls that I think is part of its charm. The center of Stars Hollow is obviously a studio set. (Oddly, it rarely, if ever, rains in Stars Hollow, and yet its streets always seem to be wet.) The town is pristine. Even its newspaper boxes are spotless, like they’d been installed that morning. All roads leading out of the town square curve at sharp angles, so you can never see what lies beyond.

I noticed last night that one thing the show does well, visually, is the background crowds. There are people everywhere – in Luke’s Diner, In Doose’s Market, watching the town events, or just walking around. And the background people look like they’re actually doing something besides filling up space. They really do look like people with stories of their own. When I made my remark last night, I had spotted some guy in the background, in the town square, looking around for something or someone. Then he waved to someone off-camera. He looked rather pleased. A second man walked into the background. The two greeted each other, had a short conversation, and then walked off-camera together.

Of course, none of the background extras make any noise, no matter how much they talk. That goes back to the charming unrealness.

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