Where Have I Been?

Saturday started with a trip to QFC to pick up a tray of deviled eggs for the party. At QFC, we met a great guy, turning sixty, who told us he was learning to swim.

We got lost in Lake Forest Park on the way to the party, owing to a complete lack of a grid system and streets that change names and/or numbers around every curve.

It was a great party, once we found it, with live music from Cowbell West, and the rest of the gray pony-tail crowd. There was barbecue pork, as usual, and a surprise cruise-by from the police. (It was obvious the police were interested in our party, since it was at the end of a dead-end street, and they parked their SUV at the end of the driveway for a long time.)

It wasn’t a loud party, despite the live music, but maybe it was fortunate that the cops showed up when the band was taking a break.

We went home after the party, avoiding the freeway, since both Bernie Sanders and Taylor Swift were in town, taking possibly the long way home, since we went over to Lake City Way, knowing we wouldn’t get lost that way.

We rested a bit at home, and then went to Re-Bar to see the Wheel of Tease show. (Burlesque improvisation with live music from Good Co.) Phillip had bought our tickets online, and we split the cost. He told me we had premium tickets. (Seats at a table, as opposed to general admission, which doesn’t include a table.) When we went to our seats, however, I discovered that Phillip had secretly purchased VIP tickets (seats at a table with a bag of swag) because my birthday is tomorrow.

We both got called on stage (by random drawing) to spin the wheel Saturday night. It was my second time, and Phillip’s first.

After Wheel of Tease, we went to dinner at IHOP, where I had three cups of coffee at 9:30 at night, and still managed to fall asleep when we got home. I think I’ve become immune to caffeine.

Today, we walked over to The Broadway Farmers’ Market, where I bought a bunch of carrots and a green tea popcicle, and Phillip bought his favorite pretzel rolls from The Columbia City Bakery. From the market, we walked to Rancho Bravo and had lunch.

When we got back home, Phillip gave me my birthday presents, a day early (at my request). He gave me a journal with a carrot on the cover, a pillow with a stitched merry-go-round rabbit on it (I love rabbits), three Simpsons Lego minifigs, and a print of a photograph of young Sonar.

Then we took a drive in our air-conditioned car to the air-conditioned Crest Theater and saw Tomorrowland.  It is still very hot in Seattle.

Then we came home and watched three episodes of Gilmore Girls.

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