Shoe Horn

Today started with me breaking Phillip’s shoe horn. It was plastic, and the loop snapped off in my hand.

I had to leave early this morning, because of a 7:30 meeting. I caught an earlier 47, with a different set of riders, and a different driver. I got to the platform at Westlake Station less than a minute before a Link train arrived.

A group meeting at 7:30 had me a little suspicious. Was it going to be some big announcement – some big bad announcement? Why hold a meeting at the crack of dawn?

But it turned out to be a good meeting. In fact, it wasn’t really a meeting. It was a breakfast, hosted by our bosses, just because they’re nice folks. There were hash browns, sausage, biscuits & gravy, bacon, fruit, orange juice, and coffee.

Have I mentioned lately that I love biscuits & gravy?

I told a coworker that if only there was a restaurant in Seattle that served real grits, I’d be in heaven.

This afternoon, it finally rained in Seattle. There was thunder and lightning, too. It was beautiful. I was looking forward to getting rained on, later, on my commute home. The rain didn’t last long, however.

This afternoon, there was a department meeting, followed by a workshop for the group that our support group supports. Even though the workshop had nothing to do with the work our group does, our boss encouraged us to attend.

I was glad I attended that workshop. It was informative, educational, and even fun. Our boss was right: It’s good to know what the group you support actually does.

Because I started work early, I left work early. The sun was out, there was no sign of rain, and it was hot again in Seattle.

I walked over to Bartell Drugs. The employee I talked with didn’t even know what a shoe horn is, despite my mime performance. So, I bought razor blades and rum and caught a 47 home.

It’s been a very good day, despite breaking Phillip’s shoe horn.

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