Buying A Shoe Horn

(Wow. Buying a shoe horn – is there nothing too mundane for this blog?)

Thank you, Valarie, for suggesting My Busy Shoes, in Columbia Center. It was an excellent suggestion, and close to work. I walked over there during my morning break. Unfortunately, the shop was closed for the week. (A sign in the door gave directions for dropping off shoe repair requests.)

Then I realized that, even though I work there five days a week, I don’t know Downtown Seattle as well as I should. I ran through a mental map of the area from Pioneer Square to Westlake.

There’s The Walking Company, across the street from the bus stop on 4th & Pike. Any place that sells shoes should also sell tools to help put them on, right?

There’s Nordstrom, but it’s quite a bit out of my way. Target and Walgreen’s are closer, but still out of my way. There’s a Ross right there at the bus stop. They might have a shoe horn, but the place is huge and always busy. I’ve never felt an urge to go in.

So, The Walking Company was it. I might even be able to cross the street, ask for a shoe horn, and get back in time for the 47 bus. They might even carry metal shoe horns that don’t break as easily.

Of course, I could always go to either QFC or Rite Aid on Broadway.

At the end of the day today, I walked over to the bus stop at 3rd & Columbia. Oh yeah – I’d forgotten about the Rite Aid right there. But a 7 bus arrived at the same time I did. So, The Walking Company was it.

As the 7 pulled into the temporary stop on 3rd & Union, I looked over and saw the Bartell Drugs I’d forgotten about. Just because the Bartell on 4th didn’t know what a shoe horn is, it doesn’t follow that the Bartell on 3rd wouldn’t, either. (Phillip corrected me: It was an employee at the Bartell on 4th who didn’t know what a shoe horn is.)

A Bartell employee lead me to the shoe horns. They were plastic, but I bought one anyway.

As I walked from the Bartell Drugs on 3rd to the bus stop, with a new shoe horn for Phillip in my bag, I glanced over at the Kress and the T.J. Maxx across the street. Either one might hve sold me a shoe horn, too.

I got to the bus stop and there was a 47 loading passengers.

I’ll give the employee at the Bartell on 4th the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she was originally from a country where they’re known as shoe spooners.

One thought on “Buying A Shoe Horn

  1. Oh! I am sorry to hear that My Busy Shoes was closed. But at least you got a usable shoe horn for now! Put “high-quality shoe horn” on the list of Christmas shopping! Yes, start that Christmas list now! Yes, there is nothing too mundane for a Christmas list and it would be creative, as well, because few people put shoe horns on the Christmas list.

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