Men With Chairs

Yesterday morning, I fell into the time-sucker known as Kerbal Space Program. But, when I finally shut it down at 2:00, I had successfully sent a satellite around Ike, the moon of Duna, and had set a lander down onto the surface of Eve. (It was the first time I had ever achieved either of those things.)

Phillip and I had lunch at Captain Blacks. Then we went to QFC to buy a couple of folding chairs – the kind that fold up into a bag for camping. In all our years together, we have never owned folding camp chairs. (That probably has something to do with the fact that we have never gone camping together.)

The chairs were for an outdoor showing of Guardians of the Galaxy at Seattle Center last night. We’d been to outdoor movies before, but had always sat on the grass. With the rain we had on Friday, Phillip wanted to bring chairs.

At  Captain Blacks, we discussed how we were going to get to Seattle Center and back. With Hempfest going on, parking would be difficult, or expensive, or both. We could ride the 8 bus there, but how late does the 8 run at night? We could take a bus Downtown, and ride the monorail, but how late does the monorail run?

I did some internet searches when we got home with our new folding chairs. The monorail runs until 11:00 at night, which might be okay for a movie that starts at 9:00. The last 8 bus leaves Seattle Center a few minutes before midnight – even better. And, as a backup, the last 3 or 4 bus leaves Seattle Center at a quarter to two – it could get us Downtown.

We slung our chairs on our backs and walked to Olive Way. We had a 4 minute wait for an 8 bus. I picked up a paper schedule as we boarded, just in case.

We got to the lawn by the Horiuchi Mural over an hour before showtime. We set up our chairs (unsure if we’d know how to fold them back up) next to the NorWesCon group.

I bought a white chocolate mocha from the Starbucks in The Armory, before the show. (Somehow I’ve missed when it stopped being called The Center House.) Phillip got food from Blue Water Taco.

The movie was fun. The weather was overcast (but it didn’t rain), and just a little chilly. I wore my rain coat. Phillip said he wished he’d brought a coat, but he said he was fine.

We had no trouble folding our chairs after the movie. We mad a quick stop into The Armory, so Phillip could return his tray, and we both could use the bathroom. Then we walked over to Denny Way, and had an 11 minute wait for an 8 bus home.

We had a great night.

In an hour or so, I’m going to Writers’ Group. I have nothing written, and I’m bringing nothing, but I’m going anyway.

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