Reading Update

Last Sunday, as I was putting on my shoes, getting ready to leave for Writers’ Group, with nothing to read, I suddenly had a burst on inspiration: I’d go for the “read something inspiring” option. I picked up my copy of Go Set a Watchman, by Harper Lee.

I found the “skinny dipping” passage, and bookmarked it. I chose it because it’s funny, with just a touch of social commentary, and doesn’t contain any spoilers. I thought the delay would make me late (not that that matters – we’re a very casual, friendly group), but it didn’t.

It turned out to be a fortunate choice. Before we got to the reading section of our day, the conversation turned to “Has anyone read Go Set a Watchman, and if you have, how was it?” It turned out that no had read it, except me, and everyone wanted to. The passage I picked out got a good reaction, and I suspect that there will be library holds in the future.

I offered to loan my copy to anyone who wanted it, but, oddly, no one took me up on my offer.

Meanwhile, I’ve been enjoying Us, by David Nichols, but it’s been slow going. Besides me getting sucked into Kerbal Space Program and us binge-watching Gilmore Girls, Phillip recently finished The Unicorn Sonata, by Peter S. Beagle (on loan from the library) and suggested I read it before it’s due back.

So, I’ve been reading Us during my commute, and The Unicorn Sonata at home.

I checked on The Seattle Public Library web site today, to see how my hold on the fifth season of Gilmore Girls was coming along. It was available. I also noticed that my copy of Us expires tomorrow.

I tried to renew my copy of Us, but wasn’t able to. Actually, I really don’t believe you can renew an eBook, even though the option is there.

I searched the web site for another copy I could put on hold, even though I’m fairly sure you can’t place a hold on a copy of a book you already have. I saw that a physical copy of Us was available at “one of your preferred locations”. (I love our library!) That preferred location was the Capitol Hill branch, where my copy of Gilmore Girls was waiting.

I stopped by the library on my way home.

Season Four of Gilmore Girls is due back at Scarecrow Video on Friday. Season Five is due back at the library in two weeks.

It’s a good thing I’ve given up television.

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