Notes On The Day

The weather is back to being too darned hot.

I’m now reading The Unicorn Sonata during the day and Us at home, because The Unicorn Sonata is smaller, and therefore easier to carry. eBooks have no weight.

I haven’t seen the guy with the “Believe in Jesus” sign, at 3rd & Pike, for a long time. Today, there was a younger guy with a “Trust Jesus” sign on the opposite corner. I wonder if the two men know each other. I hope the older guy is okay.

We have several different drivers on the 47 bus in the evenings. I can’t tell if I’m catching the same bus home every day. A couple of our drivers offer to stop at Summit & Harrison, even though that stop has been removed.

In Kerbal Space Program, I’m seeing how close to the sun I can orbit a satellite. 800,000 kilometers seems to be the limit.

I happened upon a very old video of Kerbal Space Program (version 0.11) today, in which the player speculated on whether the developers will add planets to the game someday, or not.

I’ve been listening to Euro Truck Simulator 2 videos at work, but I’ve decided they’re too distracting.

Phillip has brought home some interesting flavors of Lay’s potato chips. “Gyro” was very good. Next up is “New York Ruben”.

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