Weekend Wrap-up

We slept late on Saturday.

Then we drove to University Bookstore, to buy a keyboard, to replace a broken one, for the desktop. While we were there, we bought a DVD/CD drive, since the desktop didn’t come with one. (The future is in downloads, I know, but I still have old CD games I still like to play.)

After the purchase of the keyboard and the drive, we drove to University Village, to have lunch at Johnny Rockets. (We haven’t been there in ages.) There were two things we didn’t know, however: Where in the shopping center Johnny Rockets is, and if Johnny Rockets is still in the shopping center. After driving around the parking lots for a while, and not finding Johnny Rockets, we decided to find a parking spot, find a mall directory. After driving around some more, looking for a parking spot, we gave up, drove home, and then walked to Blue Moon Burgers.

(University Village is an upscale shopping mall, designed very much like a village, with clusters of shops scattered around, with many separate parking lots.)

After Blue Moon, we walked home and had a Gilmore Girls marathon.

Today, we drove to Roxhill Park, for a picnic with friends. I drove us there. I’m not familiar with most of West Seattle, but the direction were so simple I didn’t bother writing them down. It was one exit off The West Seattle Bridge, followed by one turn.

I turned onto the wrong street. (Holden instead of Henderson – It’s an easy enough mistake to make, I figure, especially going by memory.) But, thanks to the mostly true grid system of West Seattle, it was easy to find an alternate route.

It was a fun picnic, but with the hot weather and poor air quality from all the fires in the state, Phillip developed a headache, and we had to leave early.

Overall, it’s been a good weekend.

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